A packet radio chat protocol with support for digital signatures and binary compression. Like IRC over radio waves, for the Baofeng UV-5R 4-watt radio.


#LosAngeles The Frogtown Art Walk is tomorrow if you are in the area. Car-free, bike friendly. :magicfrog:

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@maloki I realized my phrasing was wholly incorrect as soon as I posted it -- While US law doesn't apply internationally, it does present a particular can of worms that is cumbersome to work around and may best be avoided unless you know what you're doing.

Hi, everyone!

I'm from the Philippines. Everyone is scared here. When I speak against the current governtment my family/friends are concerned for my life. People who believe the government's propaganda thinks I'm crazy.

I guess I just needed a place to share my thoughts.

I used to not care about these things, though my parents were strong activists during Marcos' time.

Now I think I'm slowly waking up to the harsh reality that our country is now being run by a dictator.


You don't have to choose between being glad that Alex Jones's brand of hatred and disinformation is being downregulated and being worried that monopolism has put our public sphere under the control over a tiny number of corporate interests. You really don't.

@codesections a few lesser recommended but worth a listen:

Command Line Heroes
Software Engineering Daily
Techmeme Ride Home
SANS StormCenter
HACKS Initiative

Hey Mastodon sysadmins, what kind of cool shit would you like to see tootctl do?

Today's Too Much Not Enough is live, and in this one @darius teaches me about the decentralised web and ActivityPub, including Mastodon (especially Mastodon). I did not understand decentralisation until we recorded this, and now I do, which should be taken as a ringing endorsement IMO. toomuchnotenough.site/episodes

@tinker Self-hosted instances are censorship free as long as you have a good relationship with your ISP. This isn’t an endorsement of Mr. Jones’s content, just a plug for not shitting up existing communities.

@art They’re amazingly fun when the battery is at 90-100%. I really hope spur a new push for better bike lane infrastructure in the area

@lnxw48a1 Their existing ISP is probably accustomed to the grouch mail by now, may be the best place to self-host from IMO

@lnxw48a1 Eventually the VM node goes down for a reboot and everyone flips out about an unplanned outage.

@lnxw48a1 As someone who’s done support for DO, please don’t recommend putting prod web apps on a single virtual server.

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